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washington to wake up and start talking about the real crisis apart. think. everybody's going to do is go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct call for us. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the.
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well i'm tom armin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. two and a half years after american troops left the country iraq is once again on the brink of an all out civil war what's causing this latest round of bloodshed and is there anything american conducive to stopping more on that we david ignatius washington post just about also speaker of the house john boehner says he doesn't want to call the people who shot up the las vegas wal-mart over the weekend terrorists would he feel that way if the accused killers were white to talk about that or more and tonight's big picture politics. and more than forty states have laws protecting journalists from testifying against their sources but there is still no federal media shield law why is that and what are the chances that congress passes a real media shield law any time the near future for that with congressman alan grayson later in the program.
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you know this today islamic militants stormed mosul. iraq's second largest city driving out iraqi security forces in their posts and taking control of local government buildings including security bases weapons depots the mosul airport and other key buildings mosul is one of iraq's key strategic areas thanks in large part to its proximity to syria that is chaos in mosul prompted iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki to ask the iraqi parliament to declare a state of emergency or a nationally televised press conference al malaki said that iraq is undergoing a difficult stage and added that the iraqi people must unite to confront this vicious attack which will spare no iraqi this latest setback in mosul comes as the iraqi government has been fighting hard to stop the violence across the country
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mainly from the al qaeda linked group the islamic state of iraq and the levant. us earlier this year that same group took over fallujah in western iraq and iraqi security forces are still trying to get back in control. get that city back on the government control so could we be seeing the start of a new civil war in iraq and what does all this violence about the future of another american made a country afghanistan joining me now for more on all of this is david ignatius associate editor and columnist for the washington post and author of the new book the director they would welcome thank you tom great having you with us first to iraq what what's your take on what has happened here how consequential is this what does it mean for the arc of of the future and i think this really is a ringing three alarm fire in the middle east and the sunni militants
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in iraq have been battling the shiite prime minister that civil war that's true in the open and really has been under way for some months they've serve . urged along the whole of the euphrates valley from the syria border down to the gates of baghdad i last talked to some of the sunni insurgents when i was in jordan and they said they were three kilometers that i was a few weeks ago from the airport in baghdad now they've taken mosul a city that really is the center of the rocky learning and culture it's a key in the capital and in the north they've spread beyond the euphrates valley and people need to understand that. a qaeda and its allies in the sunni world are now deeply rooted all the way from rock out which is a city in northeastern syria down to as i said the gates of baghdad it raises the
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most difficult questions for the united states for all of its allies and you and i were talking before the show began about how the american invasion of iraq in two thousand and three open the gates of hell that was your phrase and i think it's basically correct. the. the. al maliki government is. somewhat aligned with iran so i mean you know the bank of iran was the first official business to open in iraq after we left my recollection is correct and he's a shia a shiite and iran is shiite you've got syria on the other northern border melting down in and you know what's also becoming increasingly a sectarian confrontation one of the possibilities of this could turn into a regional or that it already has become basically a regional firefight between sunnis and shia i think that regional firefight has been going on for some for some time certainly is seen that way by people in the
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region and i think it's very important that the united states and its allies not go down that sectarian road further. there's a tremendous concern about about the instability in iraq but the civil war they'll be pressure from saudi arabia to back saudi arabia and its and its friends. i think the last thing the u.s. should do now is is da policies that deepen the split somehow and i think this is something that the obama visit ministration does understand and believe deeply somehow united states and its allies need to be about creating some balance between iran saudi arabia between shiites and sunnies that this is going to take the region down if it continues. i flew into into d.c.
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late sunday night and sat next to a saudi businessman and boy there is if there's some genuine freak out about what may happen if if iran decides to get into this although iran is already in it iran has been fighting through proxies in the government in iraq is essentially under the reign in germany there's no question that really about that and iran has been using iraq the shiite militia men as its proxies in syria sending their men to fight alongside against the sunni opposition that's. fighting against bashar al assad before the the american neo cons start using that as the new drumbeat for bomb bomb bomb iran. that argument has been has been made for a while i think actually the the argument that you hear creasing lee is is this
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the threat of al qaeda now in syria and iraq so serious that we need to be allying with these raney and back shiites who are the now. stopper on the on the bottle of. sunni extremism in the us although this we're not advertising as the us is now embarked on a program of counterterrorism assistance for the maliki government in iraq hoping that they will get strong enough that they can push back our credit but this is one of those situations where every choice that the u.s. and other countries have is in some way debased a bad choice. i'd like to you have a new book out it's called director and it's a novel but it's a novel in which the director of the cia is brought you know this guy comes to him and says we've we've hacked you and in fact here's the name of a bunch of agents as proof and then you know you're off and running i mean it's
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a great spy thriller i'm curious did you write this be poor edward snowden's revelations begin the book at the in the beginning of two thousand and twelve and. worked out i want to hackers convention in the summer of two thousand and twelve i traveled around germany with one of advocates of the hacker culture just getting to know them and doing my research then i was finishing the first draft of the book in the summer of last year and along comes snow and suddenly the all these themes of you know. the power of these tools my book is really about how these tools could be turned against the united states but by others you know suddenly was alive and i just wanted to try to write a novel that was you know a post snowden novel that was as interesting as as what snowden was telling us about what the u.s. had been doing i think he did a brilliant job with it and it's a cautionary tale i'm curious about another book you did
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a review today's washington post hillary clinton's new book the rollout a book before you do the campaign trail is the obligatory thing and everybody's you know yes of course but. and therefore typically because for example mitt romney's book was used against him. i'm not sure george w. bush's book although mickey herskowitz had talked about bush telling him when they were writing the book that if he had an opportunity become president was going to invade iraq to get political capital to privatise social security but that didn't make it into the book but raise it but yeah it really is but i'm curious your thoughts at hillary clinton's dinner well it's a very careful book it's written by somebody who was thinking about being a presidential candidate who's who's writing as i said in my review to burnish friendships it begins and ends i think it with the essentially empty campaign
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rhetoric but the book itself the middle of the book about her time a sect or a state for someone like me who follows this i've been a reporter covering state department now for too many years it's pretty interesting in some instances clinton takes you inside meetings but i didn't know about for example she gives the clearest and most complete account of the secret diplomacy that led to negotiations with iran to try to control iran's nuclear program that i've ever read and she makes clear for the first time that she really was the person the secretary of state who launched that secret diplomacy in meetings with the sultan of oman so that's that's new it's interesting there are a lot of things in the in the book that i don't think there's any in the book that will further her campaign obviously she she wrote it thinking about all the attack she's going to going to get there's a lot of discussion of benghazi which gives her account of benghazi which is which
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is well written and pretty convincing she writes a lot about her husband bill clinton and why she loves him you know why their marriage works which obviously is an attempt to address that issue before the campaign start. so you know all the pieces are there what's frustrating and maddening at times but the book is it's as i say it's so careful so much a political document that sometimes you want to shake the book or shake the author and said come on tell me more well she's she's a politician and she has and she has spent most of her life in the political limelight or in the same circle with her as she's realized reading is she she's pretty good politician she's built she's built a case she's probably going to take the american people that should be the president yeah i agree beck i think she may well be our next president david thanks very much donna this. coming up america has a domestic terrorism problem but speaker john boehner is refusing to call domestic terrorists but they are terrorists why is that and what does this say about the
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role the right wing media plays in encouraging anti-government violence that and more intense politics pam. for the police it was a. very hard to take a. once again so long a life that had that would that make their feelings so that. she. was. only. one of the
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people. this was in the washington well as a miss. is being suggested in the list of numbers of the. candidates for the prophecy of current issues actually back to and doesn't do too much for ad revenue my own tech agriculture giant teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer based in india is fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a race america's the largest economy in the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of the world breaking the set is mostly a hollow turn and it's the status quo but one might give real alternatives of points to working for the american dream the next they were just trying to survive stime for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the
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real causes problems. joining me for tonight's political panel are david hallberg ph d. in health care policy analyst with the national center for public policy research we should call you dr oberth call me but it's ok a progressive commentator and lisa de pass wolli columnist with breitbart and town hall and author of finding mr right yes thank you all for joining me tonight thank you good luck on the book is the new book. that's great good on you ok on sunday jerad and amanda miller shot and killed two las vegas police officers and another person before taking their own lives the two reportedly had a hatred for police authority figures screamed about
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a revolution during their crime spree and were supporters of clive bundy when asked today about whether or not the las vegas tragedy was an act of domestic terrorism speaker john boehner punted he said. sure i'd describe it but clearly we had a couple sick individuals who engaged in her crime arts got their families especially the families of those two officers who went to senate majority leader harry reid however when asked the same question reportedly said that sounds like terrorism to me meanwhile today we had the seventy fourth school shooting since sandy hook this time in oregon so the question why are republicans and the conservative media pundits so reluctant to point out right wing extremists and domestic terrorists and call them with those words but they're fine immediately labeling muslims as islamic extremists and terrorists and put the question to you all they really are are they. i mean are they reluctant to
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refer to people like and i mean certainly in the case of banner but otherwise are they are really that reluctant to refer to some of these acts as terrorism it turns out. yes in fact media matters did a really good analysis of fox news's coverage of knowledge as this but a whole series of other things including the comment made a year ago not all terrorists are muslims but all not all muslims are terrorists or baltar as are muslims and apparently that's what applies or seems they never use that word terrorist to describe a white person and one of somebody called my radio show today and made the comment that. a black person shoots up an area they're called a thought when a muslim person shoots up an area they're called a terrorist when oh when a white kid goes nuts and starts killing people there's all this discussion about we need better mental health and so we're we're dealing with these different populations in very different ways what i think is also interesting you're seen
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this sort of double talk from the right wing media because at the same time if they're saying oh these people are terrorists you know they must be mentally ill you know we have no we we're going to you know wash our hands of this simple same time you're also hearing from those same quarters the really shrill language that leads to people to believe that there's going to be an impending impending stalinist take over america just because we're going to have background checks for guns so i think it's strange to see the right media and some people in the republican mainstream try to distance themselves from these events where at least in my opinion the kind of rhetoric the use day in day out pounding and pounding into the news cycle makes people feel like they have to go out and start a revolution obviously republicans aren't calling for this but i think it's hard to say that in this sort of political climate we live in now that that kind of rhetoric doesn't have an impact on our own and for the record we're not going to have gun background checks of months it is not the point because of the kind of rhetoric at least that that the issue of calling something domestic terrorism i mean i can see why a lawmaker what it want to be involved in that because then you get into the local
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authorities in the bed and they all want to argue because nobody wants the case so i mean i can certainly see why a lot of my career doesn't want to get involved or someone who's every single word is going to be minutes but certainly. did they originate in the us. yes did they seek to terrorize people yes so i don't really have a political agenda yeah i mean i personally have no problem calling anyone that wants to you know go into a building and shoot up at us that people terrorists you know legally i don't know what the different distinctions are as far as what agency then takes control yeah i also think that should make us rich this should make us think deeply about the war on terror you know the war against islamic extremists and that means been involved for the past ten years because it seems to me and the things that directly better directly threaten most americans lives are the activities of right wing extremists who move we were so willing to devote all this money all this blood and treasure to try to fight this very big global threat of islamic extremists and why are we not willing to devote the same sort of efforts to fight domestic streams and here in the united states not saying that i was not good for the record by the u.s.
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and he didn't know what the definition of we pulled the d.o.j. definition of terrorism today for the radio show and i think my memory is pretty clear on this it was the unlawful use of of force or the threat of force in order to accomplish social or political goals as well in that case not every shooting obviously is terrorism because not everyone has a political goal and frankly i think the left in this if we're going to blame or right wing rhetoric i think left wing rhetoric has just as much to to do with this because many of these shootings have been perper it perpetrated by people who have left wing politics jared law from gabby giffords was a bush hater nine eleven truth or the guy that you know sure is here the guy who shot you know the school in colorado late last year you know claimed to be a socialist so there are just as many people with the left wing agendas who are engaging with this with knowledge as to lloyd bentsen. i knew the weather
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underground i knew people in the weather i had i been to meetings of the weather underground i mean it was forty years ago but there is no weather underground anymore there. there is not and that was the last time we had a left wing terrorist group in the united states to the best of my i didn't say we had a leftwing terrorist group i was saying yeah i mean what we've got and what a grenade on here right lemming right wing rhetoric well i mean what explains the fact that a lot of these shooters have left wing ideology i don't think a lot of them do i see nothing to do i don't give them i have not heard a single shooter out there saying i'm killing people because we need to solidify social security. while they're trying to really killing people because i want to have the right to you know i mean if it was able because i want a forty hour work week pardon i don't see people out there saying i'm killing people because i want lower taxes. yeah i mean just because someone wants a revolution doesn't paint them as i mean i would have and also i what i don't claim to be clive and i but i don't claim i mean that lots of conservatives have
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distanced themselves from their miller was exhaustive the clive bundy group i mean he was you know they thought he was too not yes i don't think anybody here is i mean i wouldn't argue that the republican party has this paramilitary wing of people that they're trying to send out there to start a counter government revolution the united states but i think there has to be some sort of soul searching elite whether it's the right of the left about the kind of political rhetoric we have in this country that creates this kind of vigilante violence because there's never been in this country a systematic left wing terrorist group like maybe you've had in europe with the red faction in germany but throughout american history is very large right when you're on the hannity interviewing cloven bundy i mean what are you going to do a thing come in the middle of the night with guns for you do you think this to you yesterday alex jones was you know there's a false flag operation he always says i you know you let me take it we'll have all you kill americans and that likes alex jones from you know the conservative side let's move to immigration as the debate over immigration concern continues one of the conservative pundits pitching themselves to the media's guy by the name bill
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fraidy he's host of the lock n load radio show presented by the gun owners of america and he sent a press pitch to a whole bunch of media outlets including this show on behalf of him of him as a guest and it was titled is the illegal alien invasion a smart reason to buy a firearm so you know right out of the n.r.a. or something about the release also knows that nearly forty percent of u.s. border patrol agents are actually on the border instead they're filling out paperwork or moving immigrant chaney's around makes a lot of sense i'm surprised that sixty percent of them are actually on the border i mean in any police department you've got a lot of cops who are doing paperwork and who are doing administrative work and who are watching the jail and who are you know not just necessarily out in the police car but anyhow is the conservative solution for illegal. gratian really for everybody to get a good. conservative i mean first of all anyone that send you a press release i'm sure you know doesn't need to be taken seriously. although i
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mean you know this is really high profile and this is saying well they're not the only interviews to be imminent the good news is you can have a gun even if you want to i mean definitely i don't think if you are surrounded by brown people that's a legitimate reason like oh yes i must have a gun now the only reason you need to have a gun is whether or not you legally abide by whatever rules in your city state whatever i want you know do you have a gun control. is that there is going to try to i think we need additional bench all this yeah i mean obviously not every single republican who's opposed to reforming the immigration system thinks like this guy thinks you know we have to have some race war against undocumented immigrants but i don't think we should die the fact that for the a major part of the republican party's rhetoric around immigration is this idea that there are these hoards of criminals coming to america we need to fight off against i mean i think everybody remember steve kane last year made this ridiculous statement that all these illegal immigrants are coming up from
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mexico smuggling drugs cattle and yeah i don't think much of forget about some of our david the the you know there was legislation drop that was by had bipartisan support of originally that would have added twenty thousand border patrol agents that it was part of a larger immigration package or at least of a larger what would arguably lead to that and then it became politically toxic it's also about twenty thousand border agents and drop the rest of the the immigration package that's what i do and look if i were available i was a little near the border if i was living near the border you know i would say i think it's probably a good idea to own a gun if you're living near the border look i granted most illegal immigrants are not criminals but nevertheless what you've got here is loads of illegals coming across the border it sends out the signal hey there's no law enforcement here and that is a magnet for crime and look if i was a rancher or some you know someone else living out there in your own otherwise you know kind of isolated area i think owning a gun would be a good idea meanwhile of the nogales style political meltdown gang takeover
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of northern mexico which is seems to have died down in large part is just going on steroids in honduras and in particular el salvador the home of the death squads during the reagan administration when ollie north was funneling money into them. people are apparently honduran and el salvadoran adults who. are living and working here in the united states without documentation are freaked out enough that they're sending for their kids to come to be brought up or in some cases nieces or nephews but just get them out of the violence and now they are the ins is just overwhelmed i guess it's ice is overwhelmed with this stuff when when are we going to get some kind of comprehensive immigration reform that define some rules for this stuff put some funding into it and does something about the border anyway yeah i mean we got one minute i mean i just but i just entered seniors look at i know republicans
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don't want to provide some sort of amnesty proposal for undocumented reagan did in eighty six yeah but i mean these people are in this country and they're not leaving in a lot of ways are central to some parts of the economy they should have some some legal protections to be latino i think this is a great way for it that current bill and i think the first thing you have to talk about is actually enforcing the border and then you can talk about something like temporary you know some sort of temporary jobs program but i think ultimately amnesty really has to be off the table because if you do that you're going to have the same impact you had from the one nine hundred eighty six wrong you know bill that you. reagan started it's just going to encourage people to come across the border again actually i think what encourage people across the border is that in eighty six after the amnesty employers and as a consequence there was suddenly a magnet for these folks at least i want to get thousands of sorry will come back right after this big picture perhaps. you like me you
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want your comedy news from t.v. what your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. like a true vampire winding into the necks of the corporate elite billionaire freaks well they're going. well that's what you get with my new show projected tonight. chances are foresee that. the finish line of the marathon. might.
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be. i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more.
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about this and its politics panel with me are david hallberg and sweet and lisa de de pass quietly let's get back to it according to the guardian the obama administration is considering transferring more of the detainees out of want out of the big guardian's reporting that a small number of current get or detainee's are being considered for transfer final decision has been made yet though this comes in the wake of the republican manufactured bowe bergdahl release scandal which many first saw as the obama administration testing the powers for testing the water when it came to a close.


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